Thursday, September 3, 2009

back to school

today is emily's 2nd day of school. yesterday was a total disaster!! she was so ready to get back(secretly-or not so seretly-so was i!) i got her up @ 6:30 for her 7am bus pick up(ugh), she put on a brandy new outfit, had her breakfast, and off we went out to the driveway to await her chariot. it was around 6:50 when we got outside-i like to leave enough room in case they are a tad early. around 7:20-still no bus. at this point it was just chilly enough that emily's sweater began to fail her, and her lips were a light shade of blue! i attempted 2 calls to the bus company with no answer. i made a mad dash for the house to grab the car keys, so we could wait in some heat! this same scenario happened on her first day of the summer program, so i really wasn't all that surprised. i made a call to the bus co again, and her bus aide-nothing. emily is in tears at this point with a "where the hell is my bus" look on her face. i finally got through to the bus co, and the woman informed me there would be no bus service today...ex-squeeze-me?! supposidly emily's school never got back to the bus co to let them know a start date, so they assumed they'd be starting with the rest of the district on the 3rd(today). for the looove of all that's holy. so i bring emily back into the house--she was totally crushed. david was screaming by now, so i fed him and got him dressed. i called the school just to make sure i wasn't cracking up..."today is the first day of school, right?" after that was confirmed, i threw two screaming kids into the car to take her to school. yee haw, what a morning. luckily they were able to arrange for her to have an afternoon bus, so i didn't have to drag david back out.


oh, and we had her appt with the neurologist on tuesday. it went really well. we are going to get an eeg(moniter her brain waves)--he doens't think that's where the answer lies, but he's doing it to be thorough. and he's sending us for genetic testing. we'll meet back with him in october for a follow up to review the tests and plan our next move. finally, a doctor that is helping instead of blowing us off!! :o)

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