Thursday, September 10, 2009

theta mom thursday!

i love this concept!! i'm giving it a whirl! with grandparents day coming up, i found a grrreat project over @
U Create
her guest blogger, lindsay-from living with lindsay showed us how to make an etched glass silhouette mirror. now, we don't normally celebrate grandparents day...we show them all the time how much we love an appreciate all they do for us...but i could not resist this project!! i had a mirror laying around that had not yet found a home. the only tricky part was getting the kids to sit still for a side shot!! go figure, when you want them to look @ the camera-they don't! when you want them to look away-they give you the perfect "christmas card smile". ugh. so i finally got some good ones. my only issue is that i should have put a thicker coat of the etching cream onto the mirror. you can still see brush strokes close up. a bit of a bummer, but the lighting at my parents' house isn't that great, so i don't think anyone will notice too much ;o) so here it is...

i was going to remove the mirror from the frame, and spray paint the it black. however, i could not get that mirror out to!!! oh well! with stopping and going it took me an hour or two to finish this...including trying to print the pics to just the right size...what a waste of paper lol!!

please check out theta mom, and take some time out for yourself--you deserve it!! :o)


  1. Tina, I love this!!! What a great project idea! And I like the frame border, too. It didn't sound too difficult and you said it took about an hour or two, so that is totally do-able! And it's something to have forever!

    Thanks so much for participating in the time out! You are Theta awesome girl! :)

  2. What a neat project idea! I could never be that creative.

  3. That is so awesome! That is exactly something I would love to do and it looks great! Fun idea for your first Theta Mom Thursday!

  4. It looks wonderful! What a great idea!
    You're so creative Tina!
    Thanks for commenting on my site.
    I'm following you now ;-)

  5. Found you through Theata Mom! What a fabulous idea!!
    Bye for now!

  6. What a great project! It looks fantastic and I think it looks better with a white frame anyways!

    Found you through theta mom!

  7. that's awesome - it came out so nice! what a great project :)