Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ever try to quietly blow your nose?

it just doesn't happen! well, it can be done...but you don't get out what you need to. i may as well just stuffed a tissue up there and left it! david is such a light sleeper that my first morning blow woke him up around 6:30. emily was kind enough to share her cold with me--that's why all this blowing has been going on(poor hubby would prefer the other kind of blowing , i'm sure) i've been useless all day. the best part is that my hubby is leaving for 3 days on a work thing. my parents are coming for dinner tomorrow, and to help me get the kids to bed. seeing as how emily refuses to be in the same room with david...bath time would be nearly impossible without some sort of help--enter grandma and grandpa! so my goal today was to clean up the house a bit. my mom always finds something to clean when she comes here--i love that and hate it all at the same time--so i try and hit all of the things i think she would notice. we're not slobs, but we've got our issues. i just want her to come here and visit, not want to vacuum the floors! since my head feels like its going to float down the snot river, it will be up to hubby to take care of the bulk. he can handle it...he really doesn't have a choice though, does he?! tee hee.
in my haze, i didn't realize that david was standing on the computer chair, ya know, the kind with wheels. oh he's fine...his face broke his fall :o/ luckily there was no blood. looks like he'll just have an egg on his forehead...that "bump on the head look" is nothing new for him. i think he's trying to be a trend-setter. yep, i'm the mom with the kid that always has a bruise or a bump--right in the middle of his forehead. ugh. its just not right to make mommies sick! who is in charge of that? don't they know i have things to do?!


  1. I'm sorry you feel yucky, but the whole double definition of blowing in your post has got me laughing! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. My goodness thats a light sleeper! My son thinks its HILARIOUS when I blow my nose. I bet he won't think its funny when he's older and I make him blow his own nose.

    I was chuckling about use of "blow" as well. Funny.